Vietnamese Restaurants in Plano Texas

Vietnam is famous within Asia for its outstanding cuisine. Vietnamese food not only has Asian influence, but it also has influence from the French as well. The combination of both French and Asian makes for several amazing dishes.

Vietnamese food is famous for using a lot of fresh vegetables in there dishes. Some dishes are entirely vegetarian keeping with the Buddhist vegetarian tradition. In addition to vegetables they are known to use several types of herbs and spices including lemon grass, lime, and kaffire lime leaves. Fish sauce as well as soy sauce is also commonly used in Vietnamese cuisine.

In Plano there are two main restaurants that specialize in Vietnamese cuisine Pho Que Huong and Zander’s house. Pho Que Huong is a small chain that currently has ten locations around the Dallas area. Zander’s house recently moved to the Dallas area in 2006 from New York City.

Pho Que Huong is located West of 75 on Legacy. Pho Que Huong is a simple restaurant that would remind most people of a traditional cafe. It has around twenty tables located between the door and the counter. With casual Asian style the seating is comfortable and inviting.

Zander’s House is located on the west side of 75 just north of Park road. Zander’s house is in a larger establishment that has large open seating. Zander’s also sports a large bar for the person looking for a place to grab happy hour after work.

Both Pho Que Huong and Zander’s house offer a wide menu of traditional Vietnamese cuisine. Both offer selections of Soups, Vermicelli, Vietnamese BBQ, as well as Noodle Plates. I found the staff to be quite friendly at both locations. Pho Que Huong tends to be a little bit cheaper than Zander’s house when comparing lunch menus. Pho Que Huong doesn’t have a lunch menu, their menu is served all day long. Zander’s house tends to run around 15 dollars a plate for dinner. Pho Que Huong tends to run around 6 dollars a plate.

I enjoyed Zander’s house atmosphere more than Pho Que Huong, I found that Pho Que Huong tended to have a louder dinning area than Zander’s. But, as far as the food is concerned, I found the lunch menu at Zanders to be lacking that of Pho Que Huong. If you looking for a quick simple place to grab a meal then Pho Que Huong is probably the place for you. However, if you are looking for something a little bit more upscale, or want to enjoy a alcoholic beverage with your meal, Zander’s is the place for you.