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Orbitz Travel Deals Will Save You Money

Orbitz provides service to help travelers with their travel plans. With the use of smart tools and proactive service, they are there to handle extraordinary travel demands. Orbitz has in-house travel experts that look out for situations which would have an impact on travelers including weather, traffic delays, flight changes and more.

The Orbitz team then issues updates by cell phone, PDA or e-mail. In addition to receiving real-time information on travel alerts, you can also access travel information using any web-enabled mobile device such as your travel itinerary, flight status, hotel availability and you can contact their customer service.

But other than being a high tech travel service provider, RSS is a web tool which allows you to gather desired web content in one location. So rather than having to search for deals or sit and wait for weekly e-mails to arrive, this provides you with instantaneous, frequently updated information.

Orbitz deals can cover your entire trip if you want as they offer deals on flights, hotels, vacation packages, cars and cruises. They let you view airfares, hotel and car rental rates, flight and hotel bargains and cruise deals for a lot of top airports and locations. This service is ideal for anyone on the go as you have this information at your fingertips from anywhere you are.

Orbitz is so sure about their online travel deals that they offer money back guarantees. For example, if you book a flight or hotel on the site then they instantly begin looking for other customers who may have booked the exact itinerary for a lower price. If they find such a customer then you get cash refund for the difference. Of course there is a minimum and maximum refundable amount ranging from $5 to $250 for airline tickets and $5 to $500 for hotel bookings. In addition, if you find a lower hotel rate for the same prepaid hotel room on a different website then Orbitz will refund you the difference and give you $50 towards your next hotel booking.

On Orbitz, you can save a lot of money by bundling your trip packages as you get discounted rates that you aren’t able to get when you book everything separately. The good thing also is that getting a vacation package does not mean that you get a run of the mill trip with everyday activities. There is a wide array of packages to mix and match to create whatever type of trip you desire. You can get flights, hotels, rental cars, and tickets for tours, shows, sporting events and much more.

Orbitz even has exclusive offers like free nights, discounts and much more. In fact if you visit their website now, I guarantee that you will see a long list of special offers. Just visit Orbitz.com and you’ll be on your way to finding a great travel deal.