Selective Foods Good For Thyroid

Caring for the thyroid gland is very important. Although it is just a small gland located inside the neck, it contributes a lot to our entire health. The thyroid gland produces the needed hormones for the body. It is responsible for regulating the hormonal counts for the whole body system. Without it, none of the systems in our body will be functioning well. However at some point, the thyroid gets damaged. It can sometimes be too active or too slow in producing the hormones. These irregularities create a very risky effect to our health. Good thing we can take care of it by eating selective foods good for thyroid. These foods will help normalize the activity in the glands.

Below are the selective foods good for thyroid that we can eat:

Iodized salt – along with its name, it is a very good source of iodine. We can get this from natural sea salt. There are some salts that are low in iodine. Only go for the iodized ones. The iodine is very essential for the thyroid. It helps prevent the presence of thyroid diseases like goiter. Make sure that you add enough iodized salt into your food instead of other sauces.

Goitrogenic foods – these are helpful in preventing goiter. These foods keep the health of the thyroid stable so it functions properly. We can get these goitrogenic foods from Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, broccoli, horseradish, cassava root, mustard, millet, soybeans, turnips, pears and radishes.

Tyrosine-rich foods – tyrosine is an amino acid. It is responsible for receiving phosphate groups to be transferred into protein kinases. This plays a big role in keeping the thyroid health normal. We can find tyrosine from protein high foods like turkey, chicken, almonds, peanuts, fish, cheese, yogurt, milk, lima beans, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Cold-pressed olive oil – this is a very healthy alternative for any types of oil. When you want to take care of your thyroid, you cannot use oils that are high in cholesterol. If you need to stir fry something, you better use cold-pressed olive oil instead.

Nuts – these also contains essential oils that are good for the body. Have the habit of taking nuts as snacks rather than chips. It is more nutritious and will keep your thyroid healthy.

Shellfish – these are another food groups that is a good source of iodine. Any food that comes from the sea is considered as iodine-high food. You can eat this together with other seaweeds and foods.

Foods with beta-carotene – you can get this from winter squash. The vegetable is high with lots of essential vitamins like Vitamin A and C. it is very nutritious for the health of the thyroid glands.

Do not forget to drink lots of purified water together with those selective foods good for thyroid. If taken all these, you will not have to worry for any future thyroid problems.