Cruise Travel Deals – 4 Cost-Saving Tips

Most people feel that going on a cruise is not something that they can afford. While cruises can be expensive there are ways to reduce the cost and make the trip affordable. Discount cruise travel deals can be found with some research into key areas.

The first thing to consider when shopping for a cruise is the length of the cruise. Some of the cruises can be 3 days, while others can be a week or longer, some as long as 16 days. This matters not just because of the number days you are charged, but it has a direct impact on the number of ports of call where you may disembark. The expenses associated with coming into port and leaving the ship to explore are not figured into the price you pay the cruise line for the trip. This means you can quickly spend hundreds of dollars in additional expenses for food, drinks, shopping, and activities while in port. To reduce your potential expenses select a cruise that is 3 or 4 days in length with a single port of call.

A second point to research is the expenses covered by the “all-inclusive” tag. If you purchase an all-inclusive package make sure you know what expenses are not covered. Typically alcohol, soda, snacks, spas, and shopping aboard the ship are not covered in these packages. Double-check what is paid for in the package.

Another option to research is on-board credits that the ship may be giving away to help fill the ship. Sometimes these are easier to secure when you book much closer to the departure date, but check with a travel agent to see which cruise lines are offering the best on-board credit deals. These deals can range from $100 to $1,000 or more so they are definitely worth investigating. Some cruise lines even allow you to apply the remaining unused balance to your final bill before you leave the ship, reducing the cost further.

A final point to research and consider is your actual departure point. Try to select a location that you can reach by car. This dramatically lowers the cost, as if you select island departure points you will need to purchase airline tickets to those destinations in addition to your cruise purchase. This can easily drive the cost of the cruise out of your budget.

In closing, reducing the ports of call, maximizing your all-inclusive package, maximizing your on-board credits, and choosing a departure point within driving distance of home are all things which can help you obtain cruise travel deals within your budget. Visit Cruise Travel Deals for more tips and discount information.

Caribbean Travel Deals

If you have decided to take your vacation in the Caribbean, you should at least do it with the best possible travel deals that are out there. Fortunately, there are numerous Caribbean travel deals. Many of them can be found by just speaking with your local travel agent while other times your greatest tool is going online. Either way, there are numerous Caribbean travel deals that are at your disposal. What is included in a travel deal? Everything that has to do with traveling; the plane ticket, the rental car, any excursions you are interested in that may include a tour guide and of course your accommodations. When looking for a Caribbean travel deal you do not just want to pick the lowest rate, you want to pick a low rate which includes the most amenities.

One great Caribbean travel deal is going on a Caribbean cruise. You will be able to find all of your vacationing needs in one spot; food, entertainment, activities and lodging. You will get to experience the Caribbean like no other and many times you can find all inclusive package deals to make your trip more reasonable. If you are just going to visit the Caribbean nation you can find numerous last minute deals on airline tickets which will be very inexpensive. However, you will have to pack up and go in less than ample time to tell everyone. Another option is to go during the low season where tickets will be less expensive. The good thing about the off season in the Caribbean is that it is still beautiful.

If you do go during the low season then you will find that a variety of activities’ prices are less expensive because they are trying to draw tourists in. Your hotel will cost a fraction of the cost, which is excellent if you were thinking about going to an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean. With a little research you will be able to find excellent Caribbean travel deals.

Spain Travel Deals – Budget Travel in San Sebastian

If you are a beach lover looking for good Spain travel deals, you must make the trip to San Sebastian. The city is among the most beautiful areas in the Basque region, and is home to La, Concha, a beach that is widely thought to be one of the best In Europe. La Concha is a paradise for surfing and swimming in the summer months. If you choose to travel during this time, do keep in mind that the area is very crowded in the months of July and August. Because of the larger crowds, it is best to book well in advance if you want to get a good deal on accommodation in the area.

If you would prefer to avoid the crowds, San Sebastian still enjoys fairly mild weather outside of the main tourist season. You will certainly enjoy walks along La Concha beach during most of the year. In addition, there is a long promenade along the beach that is quite popular with cyclists. Aside from spending time at La Concha, you will also enjoy a visit to one of San Sebastian’s historic churches, and a tour of the area museums. The naval museum is among the most popular of these attractions.

In addition to some inexpensive touring and relaxing at the beach, San Sebastian is also the place to go if you are looking for good Spain travel deals on high quality, and delicious meals. Indeed, many people would agree that the Basque region offers some of the best food that the country has to offer. Tourists to the region will be quite happy to learn that good food is available at all budget levels. Tapas bars offer one of the least expensive and most enjoyable meals that the region has to offer. Tapas plates, also referred to as Pintxos in the Basque language, can be thought of as dishes of hot or cold appetizer like fare that are usually served in a bar with a drink. Some tapas plates are actually quite hearty, and can be a full lunch on their own. Ranging in price from 1-5 Euros, the tapas plate offers one of the best Spain travel deals on dining for those on a budget. These dishes are also a must try item in for any visitor to Spain.

Finally, good deals on accommodation are also available in San Sebastian. For the backpacker, both private and dorm style hostel accommodation is available for prices ranging from about 10-30 Euros per night. There are also some pensions, and bed and breakfast options available if you would like a few more amenities. For those who would prefer to stay at one of the resorts in town, you may want to look into booking a package holiday, as this is often the best way to get better deals on some of the pricier accommodation options. If you are traveling outside of the summer months, you may find that Spain travel deals on package holidays are better and more plentiful.