Cruise Travel Deals – 4 Cost-Saving Tips

Most people feel that going on a cruise is not something that they can afford. While cruises can be expensive there are ways to reduce the cost and make the trip affordable. Discount cruise travel deals can be found with some research into key areas.

The first thing to consider when shopping for a cruise is the length of the cruise. Some of the cruises can be 3 days, while others can be a week or longer, some as long as 16 days. This matters not just because of the number days you are charged, but it has a direct impact on the number of ports of call where you may disembark. The expenses associated with coming into port and leaving the ship to explore are not figured into the price you pay the cruise line for the trip. This means you can quickly spend hundreds of dollars in additional expenses for food, drinks, shopping, and activities while in port. To reduce your potential expenses select a cruise that is 3 or 4 days in length with a single port of call.

A second point to research is the expenses covered by the “all-inclusive” tag. If you purchase an all-inclusive package make sure you know what expenses are not covered. Typically alcohol, soda, snacks, spas, and shopping aboard the ship are not covered in these packages. Double-check what is paid for in the package.

Another option to research is on-board credits that the ship may be giving away to help fill the ship. Sometimes these are easier to secure when you book much closer to the departure date, but check with a travel agent to see which cruise lines are offering the best on-board credit deals. These deals can range from $100 to $1,000 or more so they are definitely worth investigating. Some cruise lines even allow you to apply the remaining unused balance to your final bill before you leave the ship, reducing the cost further.

A final point to research and consider is your actual departure point. Try to select a location that you can reach by car. This dramatically lowers the cost, as if you select island departure points you will need to purchase airline tickets to those destinations in addition to your cruise purchase. This can easily drive the cost of the cruise out of your budget.

In closing, reducing the ports of call, maximizing your all-inclusive package, maximizing your on-board credits, and choosing a departure point within driving distance of home are all things which can help you obtain cruise travel deals within your budget. Visit Cruise Travel Deals for more tips and discount information.