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Uganda – A Travel Destination With A Difference

Uganda is located in east Africa. It is bordered by Kenya, Tanzania, Sudan, Somali, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Being the smallest country in East Africa, this country boasts of various travel destinations. The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is the most visited place in the country. This tropical rain forest is home to over a half of the remaining endangered Gorilla population in the world. The park occupies different vegetation and apart from the giant apes, you will also see various wild animals, birds, trees and plants. You can also track the Gorilla in Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Queen Elizabeth National Park, named after Queen Elizabeth II is habitat to many wildlife species such as buffalo, lion, elephant, antelope, hyena, bush buck and the Uganda knob. You will also see primates such as chimpanzee, black and white colobus, olive baboons and red-tailed monkeys. Reptiles include: Crocodiles, Turtles, Green Mamba, Spitting Cobra, Puff Adder And Gabon Ripper. There are 606 different bird species recorded on this park. Queen Elizabeth National park covers the Kazinga channel, which connects both lakes Edward and George. On a clear day, you can view the Ruwenzori mountains from this park.

The Murchison Falls from the river are a beautiful scenery every visitor must see. It is formed by River Nile waters which pass through a narrow gorge and falls into a mighty thunder roar of white waters. This park is the oldest conservation area in Uganda and a home to wild animals such as the elephant, lion, buffalo, chimpanzee, a large number of antelopes and birds. The main activity in this park is game viewing, chimpanzee tracking, bird watching and boat riding.

Lake Mburo National Park which is about 31/2 hours drive from Kampala (the capital city) has a rich bio diversity. This is due to the variety micro-climate of the park. Wild animals spotted in this area include: plenty of bird species, leopard, buffalo, zebra, hyena and the jackal.

The Ruwenzori Mountains are the highest mountain ranges in Africa and the source the mighty river Nile. The Ruwenzori National Park is the best place for white water rafting in the world. The conservation area is also home to the primates. Another top destinations include the Uganda Museum, which is an ideal place to learn about the past history. You can combine your safari by visiting one of the itineraries where you will learn the cultures of the local people as you make new friends.

Travel & Honeymoon Destinations

The idea of a honeymoon is that after a couple marries, they take some time away from the “real world” and get to know each other better and more intimately. A honeymoon should be a time away from the world in a romantic setting plus a time and a place to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are the top three honeymoon destinations:

1. The Caribbean: The Caribbean is made up of several small countries, including the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and Aruba. The Caribbean is located between North America and South America. The climate is tropical and consists of endless beaches, exquisite dining, and the ultimate in luxury hotels. The Caribbean also boasts of some of the most beautiful and breathtaking sunsets on the planet. The Bahamas and Aruba are the two most popular Caribbean destinations.

2. Hawaii: The very word, Hawaii, conjures up pictures of swaying grass skirts, sunny white-sand beaches, and drinks that all have those little umbrellas in them. Hawaii is many things, and “romantic” tops the list. Hawaii is often described as “paradise,” and it comes about as close as you can get. Hawaii is made up of many islands, but there are only six that are open for tourism and suitable for a honeymoon: O’ahu (The Gathering Place), Moloka’i (The Friendly Isle), Hawaii (The Big Island), Kaua’i (The Garden Isle), Maui (The Valley Isle), Ni’ihau (The Distant Isle), and Lana’i (The Secluded Island).

3. Las Vegas: Las Vegas is billed as the gambling capital of the world, but it is so much more. Elvis was married in Las Vegas, so it might also be called the “marriage capital of the world” now. Las Vegas has it all as far as luxury hotels, dining, diversity, and entertainment!

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