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Adventure of Moneyed and Sophisticated!

From Cañete
In Chile
To Cañetede Las Torres
In Spain,
Cañete, Chile
City and Commune in Chile
Placed in Arauco Province, Bio bio Region
Located from Arauco and the South of Concepción
Founded as San Diego de Alcalā de Tucapel
Founded by Pedro de Valdivia
1553, the defeat by those ones
The native Mapuche
The Spanish army defeat in
The Battle of Tucapel
To cause death of Pedro de Valdivia
City of Cañete later founded by Governor
Governor Gracia Hurtado de Mendoza
Called it Cañete de la Frontera
Cañete named after
Mendoza`s father Andres Hurtado de Mendoza
3rd Marquis of Cañete
Viceroy of Peru
Cañete de las Torres of Spain
City located in Province of Córdobal
Spanish City, possessor of my Spanish dialect
My dream accent.

From Bururi
In Burundi
To Burutu
In Nigeria,
Bururi, Burundi
Bururi of my Africa
City located in southern Burundi, in Afica
Called the capital city of Bururi Province
Feel my Africa through my eyes
Feel my tribe called Bururi
Bururi of Burundi
Burundi of Africa
Burutu, Nigeria
Burutu of Africa
Located within Africa`s giant land
Local Government Area in Delta State
On the Coast of the Niger Delta
On two sides of Forcados River
A channel of River Niger
Upstream from Bright of Benin
Link between river transport and sea
Burutu, land region of the Ijaw
Ijaw of my ethnicity
Feel my vibe, come to Africa.

From Burgos
In Mexico
To Burgos
In Spain,
The Mexican Burgos
Carved neatly at Burgos Tamaulipas
Placed gracefully in America
Call it the North America in America
The Spanish Burgos
Historic capital of Castile
City of northern Spain
Situated edge of the central plateau
Capital of the province, Burgos
In autonomous community of Castile and Leōn
Founded 884 as outpost of expanding Christian frontier
Burgos, rich in ancient churches, convents
Three most notable
The Cathedral
With chapel of the Condestables de Castilla
The monastery of Las Huelgas
Monasterio de Las Huelgas Reales
Monastery of the Royal Retreats
Founded by King Alfonso VIII
And Carthusian monastery of Miraf lores.

From Bundoora
In Victoria
To Bundoran
In Ireland,
Bundoran, Ireland
Town better called Bun Dobbráin
Town in County Donegal
Well known, placed among
Ireland`s popular Seaside resorts
Bundoran to mean
The foot of the foot of the little water
Land with famous natives
Call out these names with me
Home to Mount Cooper
Highest point in metropolitan Melbourne
Mount Cooper, located within Bundoora Park
Come and see
Bundoora, Victoria of Australia
Suburb of Melbourne
North from Melbourne central business district
Local Government Area in cities
Banyule, Darebin and Whittle Sea
Bundoora, headquarters
Of La Trobe University
Bundoora, Aboriginal to mean
`The favorite haunt of the kangaroo`
Fr. Paddy Gallagher, founder Credit Union
The Most Rev. Dr. Liam MacDaid,
Lord Bishop of Clogher
Feel the rhythms
Of Victoria and Ireland.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson

The Pleasures of Adventure Tourism

If you are courageous enough to face dangers and are more than willing to explore new places, adventure tourism is the right choice to spend your vacations. Adventure tourism takes you to places where one is about to come across with the unexpected. One such place that can offer you with historical places, scenic beauty and true adventure would be Cincinnati, a city in the State of Ohio, United States of America. It is an unusual vacationing spot, and you will be able to reside in Cincinnati apartments. Cincinnati apartment rental is very nominal and it provides tourists with good quality service and living.

With several types of tourism prevailing worldwide, adventure tourism has its own niche. It is a fast growing sector of tourism and is making a trend worldwide for adventure traveling. People, especially tourists, prefer it over beach resort holidays. Adventure tourism adds the X-factor to your vacation holiday. Imagine riding a horse or cycling through some wine country or wandering in the deserts or walking through the deepest valleys of the Earth. Whatever experience you plan, it will be more than an adventure; it can be a life long memory to cherish.

The tourists who are willing to put their hands into adventure tourism can proudly become members of adventure camp community. They will get to meet the right people, and the right experienced tourists who will not only guide them around places but also will assist them with their experiences. A new adventure tourist needs to get associated with an organization that will guide him to places and will otherwise help him mature as a tourist. The choices of places and destinations are endless, but the only way one will know which place is the most suitable is through professional experienced guide. They make you look at the world in a different perspective. Your understanding of life becomes clearer and your visions broaden up.

Curiosity plays a very important role in adventure tourism. Until and unless one does not have that urge to explore new places and things, he will not be able to succeed professionally. The other quality which this activity requires is passion. If you lack the necessary passion, you won’t be able to enjoy your trip. One needs to have that determination and persistence to achieve and to win.

There are special vacation services that are usually offered to adventure tourists who wish to explore culture, history, soil and language. Although some tend to confuse adventure tourism with that of extreme tourism – also known as shock tourism as it involves traveling to dangerous destinations or the participation to dangerous events- the adrenaline rush one experiences as an adventurous tourist is of a lower risk level.

Wilderness is something that should not be taken lightly, especially when it risks one’s own life. One need to be physically fit and mentally strong but that does not mean that this is all what it requires. Adventure Tourism can be a lifetime experience to cherish only if properly handled.