The Use Of Sayings Describing Humankind’s Fear In Culture and Linguistics

Is a culture with many ‘figures of speech’ involving fear based topics apt to be more paranoid, more insecure, and less self-reliant? Probably, although I can’t find any studies on this that can prove it one way or another. Worse, there may be other challenges in such societies, cultures and civilizations. Let’s talk.

Often, “Fear” often does lead to hate, still prudence is important too. Declaring the desire for “less risk” does not always lead to hate, even if it is FEAR Driven. Many things we fear are for our own good, no not all “F-E-A-R False Expectations Appearing Real”, and sometimes FEAR can help us achieve. I think I fear allowing Mass-Fear to guide our politic, nation, as you do. I think this is because I’ve seen fear exploited which is indeed, unfortunately the exact intent of Terrorism right? Thus, the famous quote; “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” and sometimes that is correct, but sometimes it is prudent to have fear, especially when the fear is real, thus another quote; “Feel the Fear and do it anyway,” and/or “sometimes the better part of valor is discretion” – providing of course the decision is rational and the excuse used didn’t come from false expectations appearing real.

Cultures use antidotes, sayings and figures of speech to quickly relay thoughts. But what if they are outdated yet still passed on in our modern era. Who can save us all from those who think in sayings affecting the way we think about the world around us. What ever happened to just saying what you mean, rather than looking for a cool quote to make one sound more profound? Think on that for a second while I switch gears here.

Maybe the reason people use sayings, like the Chinese for instance is simply because it takes a lot less characters to state a “common known” in a short saying than explaining one’s self in huge detail. Personally, I think in 3D pictures, who has time to write 1000s of words per each? It seems that linguists would back up at least some of what I am saying here.

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” is a call to action, and often recited by motivational folks and sports coaches. Fear is a good motivator, adrenaline is not a bad thing, it comes in useful for peak performance.

You are hereby saved… but nearly every single politician on either side of the aisle uses sayings, blurbs, and constantly repeats them for the benefits derived from repetition on the human mind. Powerful sayings in a culture can dominate language and our thoughts, these sayings can trap us in fear, control our minds. Think on it.