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Cruise Travel Deals – 4 Cost-Saving Tips

Most people feel that going on a cruise is not something that they can afford. While cruises can be expensive there are ways to reduce the cost and make the trip affordable. Discount cruise travel deals can be found with some research into key areas.

The first thing to consider when shopping for a cruise is the length of the cruise. Some of the cruises can be 3 days, while others can be a week or longer, some as long as 16 days. This matters not just because of the number days you are charged, but it has a direct impact on the number of ports of call where you may disembark. The expenses associated with coming into port and leaving the ship to explore are not figured into the price you pay the cruise line for the trip. This means you can quickly spend hundreds of dollars in additional expenses for food, drinks, shopping, and activities while in port. To reduce your potential expenses select a cruise that is 3 or 4 days in length with a single port of call.

A second point to research is the expenses covered by the “all-inclusive” tag. If you purchase an all-inclusive package make sure you know what expenses are not covered. Typically alcohol, soda, snacks, spas, and shopping aboard the ship are not covered in these packages. Double-check what is paid for in the package.

Another option to research is on-board credits that the ship may be giving away to help fill the ship. Sometimes these are easier to secure when you book much closer to the departure date, but check with a travel agent to see which cruise lines are offering the best on-board credit deals. These deals can range from $100 to $1,000 or more so they are definitely worth investigating. Some cruise lines even allow you to apply the remaining unused balance to your final bill before you leave the ship, reducing the cost further.

A final point to research and consider is your actual departure point. Try to select a location that you can reach by car. This dramatically lowers the cost, as if you select island departure points you will need to purchase airline tickets to those destinations in addition to your cruise purchase. This can easily drive the cost of the cruise out of your budget.

In closing, reducing the ports of call, maximizing your all-inclusive package, maximizing your on-board credits, and choosing a departure point within driving distance of home are all things which can help you obtain cruise travel deals within your budget. Visit Cruise Travel Deals for more tips and discount information.

Seven Must Know Small Business Internet Marketing Tips and Web Sites To Be Seen!

The most important small business internet marketing tips will guide you into the mainstream where you will get noticed. When your business is noticed on the internet the customers will come. I am going to share with you a few tips to increase your awareness on the internet and get your business hopping within a matter of weeks!

You may have figured out by now that is it extremely difficult to get on the first second or third page of the major search engines: Google, Yahoo, and MSN now known as LIVE and ASK. These search engines are the main four. You really don’t have to worry about the others if you’re listed with these and getting a page rank of 1- 5 on a high number of your web site pages. If that is the case you should be pulling in hundreds if not thousands of visitors a day.

If that is not the case in your situation then you will benefit ten fold from getting your name out on the internet and allowing people to find you when they search for something you are offering. These web sites are among the most visible and affordable sites that will get you results.

Do your research and plan your on-line marketing strategy today. Whether you are an on-line business or brick and mortar your presence on the web can and will increase your revenue

Small Business Internet Marketing Tips …One


This web site offers free local business listing. Merchant Circle’s service allows you to manage your on-line reputation and become more visible in search engine results. You can network with other local business as well as world wide.

Small Business Internet Marketing Tips …Two


Dotster has a package where you set your monthly budget and they make a program advertising campaign to fit you needs on all the major search engines. This is worth looking into. They also have other business services that include: Web domain hosting, custom web site design and search engine optimization.

Small Business Internet Marketing Tips …Three


This is googles shopping search engine. If you have a product this is a great way for users to find products locally or on the internet. This is good for both internet and non internet business.

Small Business Internet Marketing Tips …Four


MyEzClicks lists your business on more then 30 major search engines including, Google, Yahoo and MSN. They have three levels that are affordable and definitely worth looking into. This web site has additional services including web hosting.

Small Business Internet Marketing Tips …Five


You can post an ad for free on Craig’s list. They get approximately ten million unique visitors a day. This is great exposure. Your ad lasts maybe two weeks but it gives you a link to your web page and you can re new it as often as you like for free.

Small Business Internet Marketing Tips …Six


This web site offers a free basic listing as well as pay per clicks. They give you access to the ten million plus monthly customers. They gave a wide variety of services that are worth investigating to see if they can benefit your business.

Small Business Internet Marketing Tips …Seven


They currently have thirteen million local businesses. True Local is a local search engine free to hundreds of thousands of users. It is an Internet business directory. You can list your business for free today. They also offer: local advertising solution, starts at only $1 per month for a businesses’ category and zip code, and guarantees placement at the top of search results.

These sites are quick and easy to sign up and most of them are free. The web sites listed that charge are among the most affordable for the value on the net. They give you a great start in getting your name out on the web and that is essential if you want your business to succeed.

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Wishing you all the success the universe has to offer!

6 Great Health and Wellness Program Tips From 6 All-Time Great NCAA Coaches

There were six teacher-coaches who left an enduring impression on me during my undergraduate years at Indiana University (IU), Bloomington (graduated 1979). I took classes each of them taught, and observed and learned from them as coaches. The only way to describe these people is the best-of-the-best.

Here are their brief bios and six health & wellness program tips from me inspired by them, along with a short story on each person:

1. James “Doc” Counsilman: Swimming, won six consecutive NCAA Division I Championships. Olympic Coach 1964 (Tokyo) and 1976 (Montreal), coach of Mark Spitz both at IU and in the Olympics (seven gold medals). Doc was the first to use underwater video to improve a swimmer’s technique. Doc swam the English Channel at age 58. Coached at IU from 1957 to 1990.

Tip − Visualize. I often feel that a general tip, like “get more streamlined in the water,” pulls all the correct techniques together without the swimmer needing to think about each adjustment. Give people a vision, and they’ll find it easier to incorporate all the skills necessary to achieve that vision.

Story: About dealing with athletes’ parents, Doc once said, “the best coaching job in America would be at an orphanage.” There was also a time Coach Knight (basketball) asked Doc to help an IU basketball player improve his vertical jump. Knight told Doc the guy’s vertical jump was about one inch high. Doc said when he got through helping the basketball player, Knight complained the guy’s vertical jump was only 3 inches high. But Doc pointed out that was a 300% improvement!

2. Sam Bell: Track & Field, Olympic Assistant Coach 1976 (Tokyo). He coached 90 Hoosier All-Americans, including seven who went on to be Olympians. Coached at IU from 1970 to 1998.

Tip − Prepare and Work Together. Keep up on your strength training, always use dynamic stretching before intense effort, cool down gradually, change tempos, and pace one another. It’s OK to have high expectations of improvement from every level. Ease people into it, keep it interesting, and get everyone moving together.

Story: Jim Spivey was a sub-four minute mile runner at IU under Coach Bell. From ground level, a sub-four minute run looks like an average person’s all-out sprint speed, but held for the entire mile. I remember thinking the athletes seemed like human muscle cars.

3. Jerry Yeagley: Soccer, won six NCAA Division I titles from 1973 (when soccer became a varsity sport) to 2003. The all-time winningest coach in college soccer with 544 wins.

Tip − Attack and Defend as a Team. Don’t focus so much on calories, health risks, biometrics, and caloric intake. Instead, think about broader strategies. Play to your strengths, and use your field-of-play (community) to maximum capacity. Think about the best way to get everyone playing a role in building a healthful culture.

Story: Coach Yeagley may be one of the greatest coaches of any sport. We shared a locker room with his team. But my memory of him was that you would think he was the towel guy if you didn’t know him. He led by example, and the players revered him. The last thing IU’s soccer players were going to do is let their coach down.

4. Bob Knight: Basketball, won three NCAA Division I titles. Olympic Coach 1984 (Los Angeles). Won 902 NCAA games, the third all-time best in collegiate basketball. Coached at IU from 1971 to 2000.

Tip − Get Realistic. Quit being Mr. or Ms. Sunshine. Wake up and start preparing for all kinds of things to go wrong. And don’t come whining to me about “lack of engagement.” Get your @#%* out there and engage yourself. Be prepared to overcome every obstacle to success you can imagine. Use a disciplined, moving strategy that can keep everyone in the game regardless of any conceivable set back. Prepare to improvise.

Story: Coach Knight would often critique the questions coming from the press. You may have heard this too because he often said this to reporters, “That’s the stupidest ass question I ever heard, next question!” Coach Knight had some colorful language, but most of the time he was clear in his communication.

5. Doug (Blu) Blubaugh: Wrestling, Doug was (himself) an NCAA Division I Champion (1957), Olympic Champion in 1960 (Rome), and named Most Valuable Wrestler in the world that year. He was the toughest person I ever knew (I wrestled for him at IU and then was his assistant coach 1980 – 82). He was considered one of the best wrestling clinicians of the sport. He coached at IU from 1972 to 1984.

Tip − Stay Close. A wrestler who gets inside control and presses doesn’t have to move far to penetrate. Get your fundamentals down, keep on the attack, and then use your resources efficiently. It’s often the smallest of things that can make the difference between scoring and not scoring. If you stay close to the action you’ll appear quick and agile, but you’ll just be close at the right time.

Story: Coach Blubaugh was an Oklahoma farmer. At a time when he was in his physical prime, he went out into the field to retrieve a horse. The horse would run 50 yards or so and not let Blu grab him. So Blu just decided he’d run after that horse until the horse gave up. That run went on for the next 13 hours. After that the horse never ran from him again. Anyone that knew Blu knows that to be a true story.

6. Lee Corso: Football, you may know him as the popular host of ESPN’s College GameDay program. He’s the guy who puts on the school mascot head based on who he thinks will win the football game. He led IU to a win in the Holiday Bowl (1979). He may be one of the funniest men I’ve ever met. He coached at IU from 1973 to 1982.

Tip − Respect the Media. The media is the most powerful organization on earth. Learn to tell a story, use humor to engage, maximize social media, and realize communication is your most important asset.

Story: Laughter is what follows Coach Corso around. He’s fun to be around. Everybody is happy to be in his company. Not only is he funny, but he’s smart as well. We all learned a lot from him, and not for one minute did it feel like work.

Coaches want people to achieve at the highest levels of human physical capacity. They critique weaknesses, encourage strengths, always push for improvements, and expect a lot from their athletes. It’s natural that we take lessons from the top coaches for our daily lives. Hopefully, you’ll find a gold nugget in the six tips they inspired in me for your program.