HID Flashlight – A Camping Essential

Planning a camping trip can be a bit of a challenge. There are so many essentials you have to remember to bring along. This is not only for your comfort, but also for your safety. That includes having a properly working light. Even if you plan on staying in a trailer or otherwise in a relatively lit up area, you never know when the power could go out and you would need a light to see.

An HID flashlight is a must. HID flashlights, or High Density flashlights, are much brighter than your standard flashlights, but use up pretty much the same amount of energy. These lights work by striking an electrical arc across tungsten electrodes housed inside of a glass tube. This is a specially designed glass tube that helps the light shine stronger and further.

There are different levels of the HID type flashlight you can purchase, the 35W HID flashlights being some of the most basic. These are perfect for taking on a camping trip. You can use one to walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night, search through the trailer, or light a room, whatever you need to do with it. You should always have a working flashlight in the home and certainly always when you go camping.

Have you ever been sleeping in your tent and heard a strange noise outside? You want to look outside but when you shine your light all you see is some shiny eyes staring back at you. With this flashlight you will not only be able to see the eyes but the whole animal. That is if in fact there is something out there and it isn’t just a branch or something.

There are even handy accessories you can buy to go along with your HID flashlight. You may want a stand that holds the light so you can stay hands free, for instance if you are working on something. Bring along extra batteries and even rechargeable batteries and a charger so you know you will always have battery power standing by. If you are traveling deep in the woods on your camping trip, you definitely want to stay safe and need to have reliable lights handy.

Read HID flashlight reviews to make sure you learn as much as possible and choose the right one for your needs. The HID lights are very affordable and you should be able to find them at any hardware or home décor store in your area. Camping supply stores should also have a decent selection of lights to choose from.

Adventure of Moneyed and Sophisticated!

From Cañete
In Chile
To Cañetede Las Torres
In Spain,
Cañete, Chile
City and Commune in Chile
Placed in Arauco Province, Bio bio Region
Located from Arauco and the South of Concepción
Founded as San Diego de Alcalā de Tucapel
Founded by Pedro de Valdivia
1553, the defeat by those ones
The native Mapuche
The Spanish army defeat in
The Battle of Tucapel
To cause death of Pedro de Valdivia
City of Cañete later founded by Governor
Governor Gracia Hurtado de Mendoza
Called it Cañete de la Frontera
Cañete named after
Mendoza`s father Andres Hurtado de Mendoza
3rd Marquis of Cañete
Viceroy of Peru
Cañete de las Torres of Spain
City located in Province of Córdobal
Spanish City, possessor of my Spanish dialect
My dream accent.

From Bururi
In Burundi
To Burutu
In Nigeria,
Bururi, Burundi
Bururi of my Africa
City located in southern Burundi, in Afica
Called the capital city of Bururi Province
Feel my Africa through my eyes
Feel my tribe called Bururi
Bururi of Burundi
Burundi of Africa
Burutu, Nigeria
Burutu of Africa
Located within Africa`s giant land
Local Government Area in Delta State
On the Coast of the Niger Delta
On two sides of Forcados River
A channel of River Niger
Upstream from Bright of Benin
Link between river transport and sea
Burutu, land region of the Ijaw
Ijaw of my ethnicity
Feel my vibe, come to Africa.

From Burgos
In Mexico
To Burgos
In Spain,
The Mexican Burgos
Carved neatly at Burgos Tamaulipas
Placed gracefully in America
Call it the North America in America
The Spanish Burgos
Historic capital of Castile
City of northern Spain
Situated edge of the central plateau
Capital of the province, Burgos
In autonomous community of Castile and Leōn
Founded 884 as outpost of expanding Christian frontier
Burgos, rich in ancient churches, convents
Three most notable
The Cathedral
With chapel of the Condestables de Castilla
The monastery of Las Huelgas
Monasterio de Las Huelgas Reales
Monastery of the Royal Retreats
Founded by King Alfonso VIII
And Carthusian monastery of Miraf lores.

From Bundoora
In Victoria
To Bundoran
In Ireland,
Bundoran, Ireland
Town better called Bun Dobbráin
Town in County Donegal
Well known, placed among
Ireland`s popular Seaside resorts
Bundoran to mean
The foot of the foot of the little water
Land with famous natives
Call out these names with me
Home to Mount Cooper
Highest point in metropolitan Melbourne
Mount Cooper, located within Bundoora Park
Come and see
Bundoora, Victoria of Australia
Suburb of Melbourne
North from Melbourne central business district
Local Government Area in cities
Banyule, Darebin and Whittle Sea
Bundoora, headquarters
Of La Trobe University
Bundoora, Aboriginal to mean
`The favorite haunt of the kangaroo`
Fr. Paddy Gallagher, founder Credit Union
The Most Rev. Dr. Liam MacDaid,
Lord Bishop of Clogher
Feel the rhythms
Of Victoria and Ireland.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson

Travel & Honeymoon Destinations

The idea of a honeymoon is that after a couple marries, they take some time away from the “real world” and get to know each other better and more intimately. A honeymoon should be a time away from the world in a romantic setting plus a time and a place to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are the top three honeymoon destinations:

1. The Caribbean: The Caribbean is made up of several small countries, including the Bahamas, the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Haiti, Jamaica, and Aruba. The Caribbean is located between North America and South America. The climate is tropical and consists of endless beaches, exquisite dining, and the ultimate in luxury hotels. The Caribbean also boasts of some of the most beautiful and breathtaking sunsets on the planet. The Bahamas and Aruba are the two most popular Caribbean destinations.

2. Hawaii: The very word, Hawaii, conjures up pictures of swaying grass skirts, sunny white-sand beaches, and drinks that all have those little umbrellas in them. Hawaii is many things, and “romantic” tops the list. Hawaii is often described as “paradise,” and it comes about as close as you can get. Hawaii is made up of many islands, but there are only six that are open for tourism and suitable for a honeymoon: O’ahu (The Gathering Place), Moloka’i (The Friendly Isle), Hawaii (The Big Island), Kaua’i (The Garden Isle), Maui (The Valley Isle), Ni’ihau (The Distant Isle), and Lana’i (The Secluded Island).

3. Las Vegas: Las Vegas is billed as the gambling capital of the world, but it is so much more. Elvis was married in Las Vegas, so it might also be called the “marriage capital of the world” now. Las Vegas has it all as far as luxury hotels, dining, diversity, and entertainment!

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The Use Of Sayings Describing Humankind’s Fear In Culture and Linguistics

Is a culture with many ‘figures of speech’ involving fear based topics apt to be more paranoid, more insecure, and less self-reliant? Probably, although I can’t find any studies on this that can prove it one way or another. Worse, there may be other challenges in such societies, cultures and civilizations. Let’s talk.

Often, “Fear” often does lead to hate, still prudence is important too. Declaring the desire for “less risk” does not always lead to hate, even if it is FEAR Driven. Many things we fear are for our own good, no not all “F-E-A-R False Expectations Appearing Real”, and sometimes FEAR can help us achieve. I think I fear allowing Mass-Fear to guide our politic, nation, as you do. I think this is because I’ve seen fear exploited which is indeed, unfortunately the exact intent of Terrorism right? Thus, the famous quote; “There is nothing to fear but fear itself” and sometimes that is correct, but sometimes it is prudent to have fear, especially when the fear is real, thus another quote; “Feel the Fear and do it anyway,” and/or “sometimes the better part of valor is discretion” – providing of course the decision is rational and the excuse used didn’t come from false expectations appearing real.

Cultures use antidotes, sayings and figures of speech to quickly relay thoughts. But what if they are outdated yet still passed on in our modern era. Who can save us all from those who think in sayings affecting the way we think about the world around us. What ever happened to just saying what you mean, rather than looking for a cool quote to make one sound more profound? Think on that for a second while I switch gears here.

Maybe the reason people use sayings, like the Chinese for instance is simply because it takes a lot less characters to state a “common known” in a short saying than explaining one’s self in huge detail. Personally, I think in 3D pictures, who has time to write 1000s of words per each? It seems that linguists would back up at least some of what I am saying here.

“Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway” is a call to action, and often recited by motivational folks and sports coaches. Fear is a good motivator, adrenaline is not a bad thing, it comes in useful for peak performance.

You are hereby saved… but nearly every single politician on either side of the aisle uses sayings, blurbs, and constantly repeats them for the benefits derived from repetition on the human mind. Powerful sayings in a culture can dominate language and our thoughts, these sayings can trap us in fear, control our minds. Think on it.