Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is well known for her many delights that include world-class casinos, excellent dining, and a wild nightlife. This endears her to many travelers and it is great knowing where one can spend less and have more money for other mind blowing Vegas activities. An example of a cheap hotel in Las Vegas is the South Point Hotel, Casino, and Spa, which is located on Boulevard Street. It is a four star hotel with excellent accommodation facilities which definitely do not match the charges. Transportation from the airport to the hotel is free and these further cuts on the costs incurred here.

The MGM Grand Hotel and Casino is another of the cheap hotels in Las Vegas. It is a four star hotel that gives its guests a decent accommodation for a low fee. The guest rooms are well done some of the amenities that they have access to include wireless internet, movies, electronic check out, a working area complete with a desk and a chair, a dining table as well as a cocktail marble table. The rooms are exclusively done to give their guests a home away from home feeling and the 24-hour room service crowns it all.

The Stratosphere Tower?Casino & Resort Hotel is another of the cheap hotels in Las Vegas and is located on the strip making its access very convenient. This hotel is not only stylishly done but also affordable and has several delights awaiting its guests. They are offered a breathtaking view of the beautiful city of Vegas from the pent house and they get to swim and gamble at the large casino. The restaurant serves some heavenly delicacies and the marble bathtubs make a great bath. The spa here guarantees guests of a therapeutic experience throughout their stay here at a very budget friendly cost.

Another cheap hotel in Las Vegas is the Circus Hotel and Casino located in Nevada. It is close to the airport thus a favorite for many travelers. Here, guests are treated to ATM banking, spa treatments, room service, free parking, beauty services and a swimming poor. The rooms are tastefully furnished with the latest d├ęcor to make them the most alluring on his side of the city. For a little fee, guests are able to wine, dine and enjoy the convenience that comes with booking for accommodation in this prestigious hotel.

The Monte Carlo Resort and Casino is also among the cheap hotels in Las Vegas that charges its guests an affordable package. The rooms are well furnished to provide guests with utmost comfort and the hotel has lounges and restaurants. The rooms have amenities such as internet, luxurious bath products and cable television, which all make it such a delight for less. There is an available salon for beauty services as well as a swimming pool for utter relaxation. Depending on the budget, guests are able to enjoy exclusive services such as limo rides, a fitness center as well as spa treatments without the pain of exorbitant prices.